The Adjoined Orbs Housing Co-op is a natural extension of our desire to form a common bond with each other and
nature and against the forces that allowed for the desecration of the final resting place of Donna DuFlots at Robin Hill.

The Siblinghood of the Adjoined Orbs took possession of its' first property (below) late in 2009, providing shelter not only for
the Siblinghood founders but future members of the Adjoined Orbs.

The Siblinghood expects to have eight more Adjoined Orbs areas of protection in 2010 including Brighton, Bristol, Sheffield, Isle
of Wight, Southampton and Portsmouth in order to separate the 8 crystals once they are back in our possession so they can be guarded properly

View from the south side of our very FIRST siblinghood HQ. Please remember we're still looking for someone who can help make the antler doors. Also, we still need antlers.