Important Remaining Diary Dates for 2010

May 1st Beltane Ritual. Meet at Wetspawn's Mum's house 6am sharp

May 9th. Gutroth's Day/ Feast of Larvae

June 13th Quinquatrus minusculae June 21st Summer Solstice/Start of Woodpecker month/. Road trip to be confirmed if we can fill the minibus. Please have your names in before Mercury turns retrograde

July 29th Stikklestad Day

August 21st End of Salmon Month (party?)

September 5 to Sept 13. Refer to.

September 23rd Autumn Equinox

October 8th Venus turns retrograde

October 21st Battle of Trafalgar 205 anniversay [Oceanroot: Why is this on the calendar?]

November 23rd Start of Owl Month

December 21st Lunar Eclipse / Winter Solstice

these are the ones that at least two people have suggested we add. If you want more then check :

but please remember our budget



Dates for your Diary

3 March 2010

The Banker has booked a band some of the collective had heard of called "The Prodigy". Bentstaff says that this is typical of their work.Goldenhair thinks they might be good examples of anarchists we could co-opt to help in September but if they are taking The Bankers' coin, they are already in league with the devil and are just as much to blame.

Timmy says he heard that The Banker had moved house and has an idea that he will share soon.

16 January 2010 The Siblinghood of the Adjoined Orbs have finally managed to secure their first collective residence. Thanks must go to Oscar who checked the ley-lines and secured a wonderful forest venue in Hampshire. The collective have already started work on removing electrical cabling and it should be ready to move into two weeks after the grounds have been bled of negative energies.
As Oscar, Mark and Joshua have been squatting it since last year, we are already listed on Housingnet at
30 October 2009 Happpy Samhain Everyone!! See you at Wendrona's!
14 September 2009

Mallard and Simone got arrested again..... "prevention of terrorism"(???). Avangel cast a liberty spell and they were released within 48 hours. The less said about the Festival the better. Maybe we should bring the rains back again. NO RESPECT. ! NONE! NONE!

20 July 2009 Planning committee meeting for the Co-op proposal. Come on everyone! Lar calls on all those of you who would be home makers to join us for this important discussion. Meet at The Bull as normal, Tel will be there from 6 . If you're driving please park in Pickford Lane and NOT in the road out front - we do not want a repeat of last time!!!! This is a NO ROBE event so please leave at home.
21 December 2008

Christmas Party went well, secret warlock presents not so well. Timmy's spells didn't work as he wanted (malignant etheric interference?) .

Wendrona claimed she didn't spend more than we all agreed but her present looked bought and she was expelled from the group.
8 September 2008

WOW! The end of Bestival!!!!! After four years of dialogue, three years of protest and two years of incantations; Success! The Bankers Party was a washout, keeping many people away and hopefully BANKrupting them. A lot of arrests this time but it was worth it (mainly checking to see if the gravesite was safe but luckily it had been covered in carpet when a tent was there. Timmy says he knew it was ok and it wasn't luck but intervention because he had fasted to protect it. Janus will return In October to re-consecrate if Goldenhair goes with her). Timmy says there is no rush as this was the last we've seen of The Banker and his lot. as they will have understood our rainspells worked. Robin Hill is free forever. YES

12 August 2008

I'm back. Thank you for all the cards, flowers, incantations and spells I felt your presence and that gave me the strength for a full recovery and I'm feeling better than ever.

I did lose the leg below the knee and the doctors don't think I'll regain the use of my eye but hopefully that's a lesson learned about climbing the stones in the rain.

3 July 2008

So begins the spell season. Everyone to do 4 hours a day.

26 March 2008 Hello Timmy here.... as I'm sure most of you have found out by now our Chief Clanman Sheriff Raven had an accident on the stones last week. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery Raven!
18 March 2008 Looking forward to the solstice and hope to see a great turnout as we've booked a 45 seater!!! Meet at The Bull from 12. Coach will leave at 4pm so don't be late!!!
15 January 2008

Finally...we have our new web presence. Drake is still nowhere to be found and until he is, or until Oceanroot and Mallard have sorted things out, we have no archive material either.